Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last night we saw Feist at Town Hall.

I've been playing The Reminder quite a bit since it came out, even though I kind of wish it was called the Remainder.

It seems like there should be mega hits from that album, and I was excited for this show. It turned out to be plenty enjoyable, and there were some moments where I thought that on another night Feist could be really incredible. I wonder if the second night of two night stands are a recipe for letdown...does a band feel like it nailed it last night and then come in a bit underwhelming the second night? does road weariness kick in the second consecutive morning in a city? I remember seeing Spoon back to back a couple years ago, and while the second night was fine, it wasn't at the level of the first night. Anyway, I'm imagining a hypothetical Feist show that was even better than the one we saw.

The good from Feist last night: the songs. Some of the live arrangements were a bit precious, but that was OK. What really threw me for a loop was the lackluster drumming. Most noticeable on the shouldbe mega hits...My Moon My Man, 1234, Sealion Woman, in particular. Kind of shocking that the drumming would be so poor in the touring band for a performer at Feist's current career trajectory. I would have thought the major label would have happily provided a decent enough drummer.

But anyway, Feist was good. Not sufficiently amazing to inspire me to spend up for a big outdoor zoo show right this minute, but certainly providing a good memory to accompany one of my favorite current cd's. Feist photo via GirlOClock33 Flickr

Grizzly Bear via LazySundae Flickr

Grizzly Bear opened. I enjoyed them much more than I had when we'd seen them open for the Mountain Goats on Halloween 2005. I think Town Hall was a good quietish venue for them to do their spooky mumble singing thing. I find parts of the GB songs really interesting, but some of the transitions are a bit boring or nondescript.

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