Sunday, March 16, 2008

This article links to a photo gallery of the new Marcel Dzama show

Elf Power recorded an album backing Vic Chesnutt

Can Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (via Jeff Buckley) be over-covered and overplayed on TV?

Wired: Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos
(some of them are good, anyway)

NY Times: r.i.p. print encyclopedias, although Britannica suggests they are becoming a luxury item

Eels are inviting politicians/royals to their shows in the US and UK, and then hiring impersonators when necessary

New Spoon video and pics of the cut paper process

Dan Bejar:
"Most of what Destroyer records have been about for the last while is just kind of taking the tradition of the first 10 Lou Reed solo records, and taking the tradition of the first 10 John Cale solo records, and trying to smush them together,"

streaming r.e.m. from sxsw

streaming my morning jacket from sxsw

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