Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here's a David Berman interview, conducted by Jonathan Marx (sometime Lambchop member, I think...paper doesn't say). It's almost certainly an email interview, but again that isn't disclosed. Silver Jews website also somewhat updated. European tour happening.
Suggestions that DCB has been listening to Tammy Wynette on his computer, at least once.

Do you have plans to publish another book?

There's a second book of poetry called the portable february I'm holding onto

A while longer. It gets better over the years.

A couple books of drawings will be coming out on Drag City (records).

I got a literary agent. I'm ready to circumnavigate the gatekeepers.

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5 Red Pandas said...

I'm a little confused by the last thing Berman said because a) literary agents generally don't take on poets because in the poetry world you basically just have to be asked to submit a manuscript for publication,(all the agents listed say "no poetry!") and b) if he has an agent then he's certainly not going to be circumnavigating the gatekeepers but actually play ball with them. Just having an agent is the first step toward legitimacy!

Ah well, as a poet Berman is actually quite successful. I wonder if he realizes that.