Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here's a bunch-of-tabs-closing information heavy post.

So apparently there will be a Justice League movie. Not in the Christian Bale/Chris Nolan Batman world, though. And apparently Jessica Biel will not be Wonder Woman. So many people can now spend time speculating who will be in the movie.

It seems like a bad idea to rush the script for a movie like that, but of course that appears to be what the movie people are doing.

I really liked the animated cartoon version; hopefully if this happens it will be good.

There's a bit more information coming about Jonathan Lethem's rebooting of Omega the Unknown.
“Omega sort of represents an X-ray of the existential condition of so many other costumed heroes, their dilemma at being the screen for the projection of fantasies of rescue, transcendence, and idealism,” said Lethem. “In his hesitation he's a sort of Hamlet figure. And the radically contradictory and unfinished nature of his original story left him as a kind of icon of confusion, a cloud of dangling signifiers. This was something I thought I could take advantage of.”
Bottle Rocket is going to be rereleased in a Criterion Collection version.

U.S. women's soccer controversy continues. Inept coaching continues to define the mostly inept U.S. Soccer Foundation.

The new wordpress version of Elephant 6 site Optical Atlas has a revamped gallery coming.

Here's an excerpt from Carl Wilson's book about Celine Dion.

Apparently there is a new Stephen Malkmus album coming next year. A look at the latest Matador News also has a little information on the second Cat Power covers album, Mission of Burma reissues and a new Shearwater album next year, among other stuff.

Here's an article
about the new Junot Diaz book, where Diaz is gouped in with Lethem, Eggers and Chabon. I guess I'll put in my library requests. Side note: Brooklyn Public Library fills holds a lot quicker than NYPL does. I got a copy of Then We Came to the End in less than a week from BPL and was still behind a hundred people in NYPL's queue after two months.

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Hal Jordan defines Green Lantern. He must be in the movie