Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I also saw Drive by Truckers on Thursday at Castle Clinton.Photo by rogo2000 flickr

It was a good show, with the first half of the set alternating songs between Hood and Cooley pretty much one for one. Spooner Oldham played with DBT for this show. (According to their site, they're all playing on the new Betty Lavette album.)

The audience for this show was sort of interesting. It seems like the band has some number traveling fans and there were many more DBT tshirts in attendance than you usually see band of that night tshirts around here. Also a bunch of "DBT" chants that somewhat reminded of the "GBV" chants from Guided by Voices shows. There would seem to be some crossover in fans between DBT, GBV, and also the Hold Steady, and it's that kind of a show, just a bit more rural/country seasoned, I guess.

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