Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yesterday we saw the new Fantastic 4 movie.

I was originally so-so on the last F4 movie, but I will say that it is more rewatchable than a lot of other comic book movies. The new movie gets points for ditching the terrible soundtrack tendencies of the last movie. The premise is a bit silly with celebrity Fantastic 4 hype; the Human Torch has NASCAResque uniforms made up and The Invisible Woman has gone all Bridezilla. Then the Silver Surfer shows up. I understand the Surfer is an iconic character, but I don't find the story anything other than confusing. I guess he's supposed to be sort of tragic, but it's done in a not very compelling way. Probably because he has no personality. There are all kinds of thing to object to about the movie, like the army parts and how Dr. Doom comes back, but I'm not bothered about those things.

I mostly enjoyed this movie. It's not terribly clever or innovative, but I don't think it pretends to be. There will likely be another F4 movie at this point. And that's fine, but I'd rather not bother with the silly Galactus cloud or Surfer again. I'm not sure if there's an interesting bad guy left, but maybe there is. Maybe they could borrow Dr. Octopus.

Meanwhile, in the post Civil War Marvel Universe, the current members of the Fantastic 4 are Black Panther, Human Torch, Storm, the Thing. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman quit, I think.

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