Sunday, February 04, 2007

NY Times on soul music

Ann Powers on album length rock music. While discussing the new albums by Fall Out Boy, Bloc Party and Arcade Fire, a bit too much credit to a certain Jack White maybe:
"The last rock album that felt like it might actually change something was probably "White Blood Cells" by the White Stripes — which came out in 2001. ... As usual, Jack White is on the cutting edge: Last year the White Stripes leader released an album with his new band the Raconteurs, but it wasn't a big deal. More like a casual jaunt suitable for a time when big statements just don't work."

Michael Chabon's chapter 2.
As expected, no mp3 of this chapter.

What happens to the Super Bowl champion t-shirts that celebrate the losing team

RD's site of the week: Ikea Hacker

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