Monday, February 05, 2007

I meant to post a reading update, but a full one isn't going to happen now.

I did read a pretty good graphic novel on the train today.

Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things by Ted Naifeh.

It's a disaffected girl meets old uncle who lives in old house in proximity to werewolves and goblins and things. Not usually up my alley, but this was done smartly and ok for elementary kids, I think.

Here's the creator's page.

The publisher has some pdf samples here and here.

I'll try and get the other collections to look at from the library.


rd said...

seriously? I hate courtney crumrin. it reminded my of coraline--in that I wanted to like it so much and was sure I would--and felt like "cheap" "cheaper" "cheap" "creepy--but with no resolution." "crap parents" "so crappy" "no counter-parent figure...except that old man...and he doens't cut it...I REALLY wanted him to, but he didn't" "creepy" "no resolution" "I don't even like HER" etc.

[really though, I think I just felt compelled to write this,not because I hated c.c. and the night things--which I did, but because I was so excited I'd gotten to something a few months before you. in a way this is just snotty. me revelling in a rare moment in the guise of review... but, then, really I didn't like it. at all.]
so dark. dark for creepy sake alone equals failure in mine eyes. no real intrigue. no heart. no beautiful dark.

blucarbnpinwheel said...

Well, of the recommended graphic novels for younger readers, I thought this was better than most. It was dark but a kind of flat cartoonish dark that I don't think was too scary. I don't think I would rave about this title, but I'd buy it.

Certainly not worthy of hate, to me.