Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm closing some tabs while logged into blogger for the first time in quite a while...

some David Berman interviews:
with Sean Nelson in The Stranger,
in which DCB makes some interesting remarks about "selling out", Obama, and making an effort to give different interviews some unique flavor

and, also in the Minneapolis City Pages, a false explanation of the origin of the Silver Jews:
Argentina, the Silver Republic, has the fourth largest Jewish population in the world after the US, Israel, and France. Silver Jews are gaucho Israelites.
I saw the Silver Jews play in Williamsburg about a month ago, and it was enjoyable...probably more enjoyable than the most recent album is. Consensus among people I've talked to is that the album doesn't "sound" that good--not really a hi-tech/lo-tech thing, but more because of production choices. I think it was helped by Mark Nevers, but I think that Berman was steering the ship on the Silver Jews album, since most all of the other Nevers-helped albums I can think of (Bonnie Prince Billy, Lambchop) sound pretty good.

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