Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 2007 Believer Music issue had an article about Bill Fox, who had been the lead singer of The Mice and then had a couple solo albums, before disappearing. (The disappearance/demise of Spin Art records, which put out Fox's solo albums, probably didn't help.) In that Believer article, Joe Hagan managed to track Fox down and it seemed that Fox was pretty disinterested in revisiting his music career. It seems that Fox agreed to talk to Hagan only if the article wouldn't end up on the Internet, so the Believer didn't publish and extract from the article.

Anyway, the CD compilation that accompanied that Believer, had this nice song "My Baby Crying", and of course the out of print BF albums got harder to find and more expensive on places like amazon and

Last week, I got Transit Byzantium for $4 on ebay, and it's a nice album. Apparently Scat Records is rereleasing the other BF album next year.

There's a 1998 interview and performance by Bill Fox at KCRW's site. It was a bit patchy through my internet connection, but there's a few unreleased songs played live as well as a discussion of the prononuciation of Transit Byzantium and Bill Fox makes it clear that he didn't care for grunge. He sounds pretty normal.

Hopefully the Scat rerelease comes through.


baconfat said...

i hoped you picked up the mice reissue cd on scat. it's got some essential stuff on there.

bill's contributions to the scat second semi-annual report and i stayed up all night listening to records compilations sound better to me than anything he did on transit byzantum, though i do think it's a solid record. haven't heard the other spinart release but am glad to know scat is reissuing it.

blucarbnpinwheel said...

I found the "i stayed up" comp on emusic a while ago. Is the other comp available anywhere?

baconfat said...

you'll have to ask scat if they know of where some might be.

midheaven might have it but i'm not too sure:

i would offer to upload it for you but my laptop's cd drive is busted - hoping to have it fixed soon.

baconfat said...

Bill Fox back in effect (for Ohioans):