Monday, August 11, 2008

Here's another never-published draft from August.

So here's an interview with David Berman

This whole Seinfeld bus-museum tour of college campuses to build interest in the show does seem a bit sad

youtube soccer: a british expat and his digicam allows ex-Norwich City/new San Jose earthquake Darren Huckerby retain his adoring fans

Jeffrey Lewis is now writing on the NY TImes songwriting blog

Zadie Smith on Kafka

I didn't really follow Sherman Alexie's Seattlle Super Sonic fandom and protests against their relocation to Oklahoma City, but it's interesting to look at it now that they're gone.

Unwanted Testimony
It sounds like he's moving on

Here's an interview with Shearwater's J. Meiburg focused on birds and science stuff

The web is killing science and art too, probably.

Stephen Colbert is still running for president in the Marvel Universe.

Douglas Wolk reviews a book about Steve Ditko, who invented the Question and a bunch of more popular comic stuff

I bought the three issues of Final Crisis but it mostly seems like a not-too-comprehensible mess. I also found out that Alan Moore apparently proposed some big DC crossover thing years ago that never happened, but apparently the proposal is online.

We went to the new New Museum a few weeks ago. It's a neat enough building (although the stairs/elevator situation seems not well designed for any kind of volume of visitors); the art is right now not too optimistic.

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