Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lethem's upcoming book sees the author returning to New York, and he says it's a "long, strange novel about the Upper East Side." Like Gossip Girl for adults, maybe? "Oh yeah! I don't know — I haven't seen Gossip Girl so I can't compare them. I don't know how to compare it. It's kind of just a big, crazy novel about bohemians who snuck into these rent-controlled apartments in the middle of where all the wealthy people live." [more]

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5 Red Pandas said...

I think you're the one who posted that thing about what Lethem eats. Every time I each an egg and cheese sandwich I think about the comments he made about how it was "white trash" and I say to myself: it's eggs! it's cheese! what's so white trash about that!.

Anyway...the book sounds like it would be great or really horrible.

BTW, I saw Detective Eames outside my new school. I guess her kids go there.