Sunday, March 23, 2008

We saw the Mountain Goats on Wednesday night in Williamsburg.
It was a good show; I like Heretic Pride well enough. The first half was solo and the second half was full band...bass and drums and some electric guitar from JD. The drums were high... I only saw Superchunk a couple times so I can't remember if Wurster always played on a big riser. JD said he was sick and it showed a bit, even before he had the audience sing the encore.

Here's audio and stuff from the Mountain Goats on soundcheck

Here's the NY Times review of the Mountain Goats at Webster Hall

Here's a Billboard review
of the Williamsburg show, missing the final song "Houseguest" from the setlist.

Here's the CMJ review
of the Williamsburg show

Here's a review of the Philadelphia show

Photo from revbean flickr

I hadn't mentioned other shows I'd seen on the blog.

So here:
Bowerbirds/Phosphorescent/The Acorn at Mercury Lounge a few weeks ago:

Bowerbirds were really good, but played pretty short. Phosphorescent took forever to set up and played long and made me sleepy. The Acorn was pretty fun. I would have liked to have skipped Phosphorescent in between if I could have. Also, it snowed that night.

Joanna Newsom at BAM:

It was really quite nice, a good venue for this show. They played Ys straight through with the orchestra (except for one song in the middle with no orchestra) and then played another selection of stuff in mini-band (no orchestra) form.

Looking forward to seeing a few more shows later in the Spring. I think Malkmus will be next, since going outside can be tiring.

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