Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jeff Mangum is the JD Salinger of indie rock, according to Slate

Stephin Merrit performs songs from Distortions on Fair Game, with downloadable mp3sw of the songs

Grizzly Bear Live on KCRW:

The Guardian on Black Cab sessions

time magazine on the new malkmus album
, which is apparentlyone of "5 things you should know about":
Long a master of erudite word salads and gee-tar stews, the former Pavement leader dives deeper into his love of abstraction by jamming for minutes in search of a groove and twirling words like Bal-ti-mo-wo-wo-wore. None of it is urgent or important, but none of it is stupid, either--a Sammy Hagar album if Sammy Hagar had a Ph.D.

The NY Times on the Justice League of America movie
, which is having some problems getting done because of the various actual and potential strikes in Hollywood

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