Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Here's a selection of Malkmus/Jicks videos including a medley of R.E.M. covers

Stephen Malkmus plays scrabble

Top 5 Tips
"Save your X and Zs so you get at least 70 or 80 points when you use them."
2. "Don't waste your wildcards (blanks) because they're really precious."
3. "I don't switch letters very often. I think it's probably smarter to do that more than I do. Don't be afraid to change your tiles."
4. "Learn your two letter words."
5. "Keep yourself up to date with the new words that are added to the Scrabble rulebook."

Paper Cuts blog on Ray Davies

Here's the setlists for this year's Yo La Tengo WFMU cover-a-thon

And here's video of YLT playing "The Passenger" with improvised Jack Nicholson referencing lyrics

Controversy at the Horn Book blog about characterizations of adults who find reading fulfillment solely in children's books

Neil Gaiman posted Dave McKean's neat cover sketches for the upcoming Graveyard Book

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