Monday, December 10, 2007

We finished watching Veronica Mars season 3 over the weekend.

Consensus seemed to be that it dropped off from the first two seasons, and that it was screwed over by the network.

Still, it was pretty enjoyable. It's also nice that this DVD package was quite generous with commentary clips and things compared to the earlier packages.

I guess the biggest deal in many ways is the Season 4 pitch (fast forward 5 years to VM in the FBI).

It's pretty impressive that the presentation was as good as it was on apparently 12 days from conception to production.

I think I'm ok that the show is over after seeing the pitch, as I would tend to think that everyone who was annoyed with season 3 would just be more annoyed by this potential season 4. It seems like stuff would be retread (the pilot presentation sets up uncomfortable romance stuff that was done already) and we'd be hanging on for the inevitable and inevitably disappointing "Special visits" from characters from earlier seasons....

Here's youtube of part of the presentation...

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