Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a reader writes in, claiming that she'd do better with my blog than I do:
I should take over your blog.

I love that tanya donelly got heart of gold and hersh got like a hurricane. haha.
instant gratification!
and looks like that cover is by your katy horan girl.

listening to the two clips I wanted to hear though, I'm instantly reminded of the trouble with most tribute albums...that being that no matter how much you love the artists doing the coversongs, you really want to be hearing them by the original artist. like, that heart of gold--pretty. ...I'd listen to it on a loop for a day or's not as good as the original, which I could listen to on a lopp for a million days. exceptions to this cover phenomenon being k.hersh's panic pure and j.baez's god on our side & sad-eyed lady of the lowlands.
also, tips to wolfgang's vault for things like Dolly Parton in 1977 and the I'm Not There concert of a few weeks ago

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rd said...

gosh. If I took over, I'd neaten up those hyperlinks in my posting... I probably would also give my faithful readers the benefit of the doubt with typos, and neaten those up too, for their sake(s).