Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bowerbirds did a Daytrotter session; there's a new song too. And a bunch of discussion as to how they are building a house without any power tools.

The Clean played some shows.
I'm kind of surprised these happened, and more surprised about where they happened.

Brian Wilson's lost rap.

I suggest using the flash in browser player if you want to hear it; you don't really want this thing saved to your hard drive.

The Guardian on Brooklyn and Baltimore as music scenes

An overview of Haruki Murakami's works.

The Justice League movie apparently has more casting done
; they have a new actor for Batman. Seems like they are going with not-really-famous people for this.

And the Heath Ledger Joker looks pretty scary. And there's another web promo thing up for next year's Batman movie.

Edward Scissorhands vs. Sweeney Todd

Aaron Sorkin's new play is apparently factually incorrect

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