Tuesday, November 20, 2007

For religious types, Harry Potter controversy may have just been a warmup for The Golden Compass.

I'm not convinced that the talking bear et al is really going to convince any kid of the invalidity of religion any more than a talking lion will save anyone's soul.

Pullman is so overt that I guess I can admire his ability to manipulate the praise and fear his work has garnered....

Still, I think I generally feel that they are the kind of thing that exist to make people feel like they're smart for having read them/participated in their culture.

But, maybe not quite as bad a situation as the adults who claimed that J.K. Rowling was doing some great literary writing in an absurd attempt to validate their own reading....

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Gerry Canavan said...

"Atheist kids feel like they've stumbled upon an awesome secret - so important that they're suddenly more intelligent than 75% of the adult population."

I saw this the other day and I pretty much completely agree with it, except I'd put the number more at 95%, and I don't think it's just atheist kids.