Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Drew Carey's going to bring innovation to American soccer?! He's the part owner of a forthcoming Seattle MLS team:

Carey wanted to allow fans to buy memberships that would allow them to, among other things, vote on the fate of the team's general manager.

"If you don't like the job he's doing, if he doesn't have a winning team, if you don't like the product, if you don't think the hot dogs taste good when you go to the stadium, you can just vote him out," Carey said, with co-owner and general manager Adrian Hanauer grinning in the background.

"We're not afraid to let the fans have the power," Carey added.

This is actually how some big European clubs run things. Apparently the Seattle team will also have a marching band.

The Hives have a free mp3 at Amazon. A few clicks to get to, but dumb commercial fun.

New Radar Brothers album in January.

Marvel Comics is doing a digital subscription thing.

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