Monday, October 22, 2007

There's all kinds of Ray Davies/Kinks stuff in the UK Times, to go with the big cd giveaway

Here's an interview

UK people get not only the virtually free cd, but also a free iMix of Kinks not-hits. The song annotations are here.

Cormac McCarthy talked to the Coen brothers in Time

Daniel Handler on money, again


James said...

"By the time the Kinks left Pye Records for RCA in 1971, they were one of the most admired bands in the world."

I question that. I think their music from 1966 to 1971 has been retroactively appreciated, and rightly so, but I've read enough about the Kinks (ie., way too much, as they are one of my all time favorite bands) to get the idea they were considered a cult act at best, even in spite of "Lola" being a worldwide hit.

[grumpy old man voice]: eh, what do I know.

That iMix *is* a great set of not-so-well known Kinks records, though.

bcpl said...

Shoddy UK newspapers. I didn't really notice that revisionist history in the intro, but it does contradict most other accounts I've read (e.g. the extensive liner notes of the 3 disc Village Green Preservation Society version I picked up recently)

But the shoddy UK newspapers give stuff away, so I guess that's the tradeoff...