Monday, October 01, 2007

Last night we saw Iron & Wine and Arthur & Yu at Town Hall. A Sunday night show to continue the weekend-of-fun.

Iron and Wine was a pretty big band (8? players) and played the pretty sounding Iron and Wine songs. It was kind of a sleepy set for me; very pleasant but not so attention getting. Iron and Wine records make me kind of sleepy so I wasn't too surprised by the the sleepy feeling, although it may have been one of the bigger bands I've seen to make me almost fall asleep. Thinking about the difference between Iron and Wine and Lambchop, for example...the difference is the bite that Kurt Wagner has in the delivery. Iron and Wine guy has none of that. But a nice performance, if a bit same-y...

Photo from Bumpershine Flickr

I thought Arthur & Yu were pretty good. The second to last song went on too long, but they were a pretty good time. Apparently this was their first show in New York.

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