Sunday, October 21, 2007

I like this Chris Silas Neal illustration for the NY Times review of new Tom Perotta book

Interview with Marjane Satrapi

World indie rock music

Quentin Blake might cover a vacant building with a picture
This MIT paper interview with Wes Anderson is a bit more informative than some other interviews

TT: A couple of your movies have several songs by the same artist. Do you get into the mood of one musician or do you find a piece that fits more?

WA: Part of what music can do is help the movie form its identity and give it coherence or cohesion. In the case of this, I think the sound of the movie is really the music of Satijit Ray, who was a director who composed the music for his own films, and that’s one thing we really wanted to embrace with our movie, and it was very well suited for our movie. Much of the sound of the movie comes from Ray’s music.

But also these Kinks songs — we had a sequence in the beginning, middle, and end and they were all connected — and it just sort of revealed itself that these songs all from one record by the Kinks seemed to fit. And those are songs written by brothers so there were links that we liked. Mainly, it was just when we put the music in those scenes, the scenes seemed finish.

TT: Your next movie is going to be an adaptation of the book The Fantastic Mr. Fox, by Roald Dahl, and I was wondering why you chose to do that?

WA: It’s just a book I’ve always loved, and I liked the idea of doing some stop motion animation. I started talking about it with Noah Baumbach [director of “Squid and the Whale”] and we quickly figured out a way we could make a script of it because it’s a very short book. There’s not that much material there so we had to expand it and we had to make up our own version and try to see if we could follow Roald Dahl’s lead and try to write a movie that we hoped he would like.

Here's an interview with Jeffrey Lewis

Here's a Spoon article

Here's an interview with Adrian Tomine

There's a little info on the Mysteries of Pittsburgh movie in this article about Peter Sarsagaard

I found this Randall of Nazareth song (Drag City) intriguing; not too much other information so far

George Saunders on the news:
Like most Americans, I've experienced, over my lifetime, a steady downward spiral in the way I get my news.

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