Thursday, October 25, 2007

another round of Wes Anderson interviews

Time Out London
The ghost of his last film, ‘The Life Aquatic’, loomed large. That earlier work – shot in Italy in 2004 – was complicated to make, with underwater shots and elaborate sets. The film bemused many, especially those who were looking for immediate laughs and a quicker pace. It took Anderson’s style of melancholia somewhere even more melancholic. It was also expensive (the estimated budget was $50 million).

‘I didn’t like the process,’ Anderson admits. ‘The actors found it difficult. Bill Murray was frustrated because of how slowly we were working. I walked away from it with the feeling that I wanted my process to be different. For such a strange movie, it’s too expensive. We made this new movie for a third of that.’

and the San Francisco Bay Guardian blog, with a denial that the ipod is product placement

and the Loyola University student paper

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