Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yesterday I watched the animated Superman: Doomsday movie on tv, through on demand, and I'm pretty sure it was more fun than Superman Returns. Bruce Timm was involved and the animated DC comics stuff that he's done has been pretty good. The look of the film is different than the Superman versions of the old WB Kids TV shows and a bit strange, but the animation is good overall.

This is an adaptation of the Death of Superman comic event, but changes quite a lot. it's also rated PG 13 and has a good amount of action-violence. I guess there is somewhat high profile voice talent in this one...Anne Heche as Lois Lane.

More exciting to me was learning that this was the first of three new DC animated movies....the next one, due in January, is a Justice League film...

Justice League: The New Frontier

bigger voice talent in this one...
Neil Patrick Harris ... Barry Allen/The Flash
David Boreanaz ... Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern
Brooke Shields ... Carol Ferris
Lucy Lawless ... Wonder Woman
Jeremy Sisto ... Bruce Wayne/Batman
Kyle MacLachlan ... Clark Kent/Superman

As you can see from the aliases, it's a back in time kind of thing, so anonymous comment leavers convinced that Hal Jordan IS the Green Lantern, this if for you...

Here's a preview on Youtube

Here's the official site
for Superman: Doomsday. Definitely worth my $4.

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