Sunday, September 09, 2007

This week's Saunders:
George Saunders: Stardom awaits | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited
Keith Smith, a 16-year-old Iowa boy, has announced his decision to become famous. "But son," said the boy's father, 52-year-old Len Smith, "you don't know how to do anything. You haven't even learned to keep your room picked up yet."
Here's an interview with Michael Chabon:
A novel look at an alternative history | - Houston Chronicle

Q:You've written novels featuring characters not usually seen in so-called literary fiction — comic-book creators, police detectives, swashbuckling adventurers. Are you on a mission to expand the range of what's considered acceptable in literary fiction?

Sometimes I feel that way. But most of the time I'm just writing the kind of books I like to read.

I'm doing it as well as I can and not worrying about whether what I'm doing is literary or not.

I trust it will be because I'm bringing to bear all the resources I have for using language and creating characters and telling stories.

I do feel there is a lot of regrettable bias against genre fiction — science fiction, mysteries, romance fiction. There's an instant, automatic prejudice that is, at the very least, stupid.

The interface could be a little better, but a neat site:
Acme Novelty Archive v3.0:
"The Acme Novelty Archive is an unofficial directory of the works of Mr. F.C. Ware."

Here's another roundup of new kidlit:
For Young Readers -
The most immediately interesting one, for me:
Unwind, by Neal Shusterman (Simon & Schuster, ages 13-up, Nov.) Parents in a harsh future society are allowed to have their unruly teenagers "unwound," i.e., harvested for organ transplants. So it's not really killing, is it?
Here's an interview with Andrew Bird Bird spins experimental rock

The safe harbour of Rough Trade - Times Online

A kind of interesting article on Devendra Banhart:
Devendra Banhart, a folkie free spirit - POP MUSIC - Los Angeles Times -

In the probably not really time for a lifetime achievement award category:
The Associated Press: Tim Burton Gets Lifetime Award in Venice

And The NY Times puts the Darjeeling Limited into the category of Oscar seeking road movies a la Sideways and Little Miss Sunshine:
On The Bittersweet Road to Oscar, Again - New York Times

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