Monday, September 17, 2007

This evening I went to go see the free show with the Hold Steady, Old 97s and Illinois. It was at 7 World Trade Center. Larry Silverstein came out to say how the music was louder than in his day but still great. He got heckled by conspiracy theorists.

Why did this show exist? I'm not sure I know why. It's outside the other River to River-esque events and didn't even have quite the equivalent boatload of corporate sponsors. I doubt that anyone in attendance was moved to lease space in Silverstein's buildings and the location was strange. Not too many people there early but it was pretty dense by the time the Hold Steady played.

Anyway, I went because it was free.

The Hold Steady shared their joy as usual; even though the show is always kind of the same, I've enjoyed them every time I've seen them. The stage gestures are kind of bigger than ever, but the tiny hand clapping is great.

Old 97s were good; a band I've been aware of but haven't actively followed. Any suggestions for emusic albums/tracks to download?

Illinois were alternately fun and annoying.

Old 97sIllinois
All Photos from Forklift Flickr

M. Ward is playing tomorrow, but I think I'll skip it as I could use more at-home-after-work time and there's only so much time I can handle at Larry Silverstein's front door.

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