Monday, August 20, 2007

So Saturday night we ended up in New Jersey's swamp, seeing the exMetroStars now Red Bulls play against Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

I got everything I hoped for (almost) joke, I mentioned in the car on the way there that I'd like 2 goals from Angel, 2 from Jozy and 1 from Mathis. And it happened...

(I didn't get Landon Donovan laid out by Dema Kovelenko, but I wasn't really expecting any of it...I thought the Curse would strike for sure)

Anyway, 5 to 4.
Photo from Paul Murphy Flickr

Metrofanatic with a good match report.
Ives Galarcep has a writeup in which he insists that the big crowd was mostly soccer fans (as opposed to Beckham watchers) who are not necessarily Red Bull fans. Fair enough.

Photo from Makflickr Flickr
Photo from Paul Murphy Flickr


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