Friday, August 03, 2007

Mayor Takes the Subway — by Way of S.U.V. - New York Times

On mornings that he takes the subway from home, Mr. Bloomberg is picked up at his Upper East Side town house by a pair of king-size Chevrolet Suburbans. The mayor is driven 22 blocks to the subway station at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, where he can board an express train to City Hall. His drivers zip past his neighborhood station, a local subway stop a five-minute walk away.

That means Mr. Bloomberg — whose much-discussed subway rides have become an indelible component of his public image — spends a quarter of his ostensibly subterranean commute in an S.U.V.

Of course.

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rd said...

that is weird (but not surprising). did you know I love bloomberg? like, weirdly love him. not for political reasons. at all. (except I love when he talks about congestion pricing.) but I love how he looks--I love his hair--and I love when he smiles--and he seems like he'd be a good friend.