Thursday, August 30, 2007

Get Him Eat Him did a Daytrotter session with an Elvis Costello cover

The Belle and Sebastian guy is doing some kind of movie musical and is soliciting vocals from internetters. There are a couple instrumental tracks for download, which are kind of pleasant anyway.

Craig Thompson has a blog:
Doot Doot Garden Blog
where I found out that people have tattoos of Blankets scenes etc. Which is sort of "of course" in 2007, but still a bit odd to me.

Paul Auster talks a bit about his new film here.

Watch an edited NASL (that's North American Soccer League) game here, complete with commercial interruptions...Shep Messing likes smokeless tobacco while he's keeping goal. Anything with Shep Messing is funny...

That field is pretty disgusting, with the colored penalty areas and soccer ball center circle...

Yesterday's soccer...David Beckham got injured and Chris Klein scored on a bicycle kick.
Glad we saw that great game against Beckham a few weeks ago. Sounds like he's done for this season.

The NY Times visits the new Music Hall of Williamsburg...indie rock isn't pretending to not be upper middle class anymore, I guess.

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