Saturday, August 11, 2007

Does anyone want to know Christopher Hitchens thoughts on Harry Potter? I wouldn't have thought so, but the NY Times gave him space to share...
The distinctly slushy close of the story may seem to hold out the faint promise of a sequel, but I honestly think and sincerely hope that this will not occur. The toys have been put firmly back in the box, the wand has been folded up, and the conjuror is discreetly accepting payment while the children clamor for fresh entertainments. (I recommend that they graduate to Philip Pullman, whose daemon scheme is finer than any patronus.) It’s achievement enough that “19 years later,” as the last chapter-heading has it, and quite probably for many decades after that, there will still be millions of adults who recall their initiation to literature as a little touch of Harry in the night.
Also, the NY Times gathers thoughts from others on Harry Potter, including Lois Lowry (not disclosing that she hasn't read any of the books) and John Green's brother.

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