Thursday, July 05, 2007

Perhaps later I will account for my whereabouts over the past week+. For now some link catchup.

neat, new to me site:
It seems like everybody’s talking about the end of physical music media. Who knows whether they’re right or not, but Hard Format is a little place we’ve set up to celebrate our love of brilliant music-related design. That means we’re going to focus on records, CDs, cassettes and their like.
David Bazan at Daytrotter

Kindercore Records is back
New Site

Everyone likes Vampire Weekend.
Catbirdseat has a couple Vampire Weekend Mp3s

Interview with New Pornographers
"I think we played a certain kind of song for a few years and decided we can't keep making every song like this," explains singer and bandleader A.C. Newman. "Sometimes being over the top is amazing and sometimes being small is amazing. We want to have more scope.

Here's an article on the Canadian music scene/industry

Here's an article on QuickMuse with some David Berman quotes

New Vic Chesnutt album info: North Star Deserter

New Thee American Revolution MP3 here

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