Thursday, July 05, 2007

Got back yesterday after about a week away. A brief recap:

Drove down to Washington DC last Thursday. Saw DC United defeat Colorado Rapids 4 to 1 at RFK. It was 2 to 1 and then there was a lightning delay, after which DC scored their other 2 goals.

On Friday went on a long tour of the Library of Congress. Advertised as a 1 hour tour, it lasted about 2 hours. It wasn't longer because we saw more--it was longer because the guide had more to say. I enjoyed it, but I think that even the "general public" tours given by LOC staff could be a bit more specialized. Perhaps an architecture tour, perhaps a "quick tour for families/kids" could be offered rather than the one-size-fits all generic tour.

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday were taken up by wedding weekend festivities. It seems not so unusual for wedding events to now takeover three days. Just noting the trend.

After the Sunday post-wedding brunch in Maryland, we drove to the Jersey Shore beach. I had never been before. Interesting enough experience. Monday I read most of Petropolis (quite good) on the sand, burning the tops of my feet unintentionally (not good). This despite a lot of sun preparedness on my part, but I always seem to forget something. Played a round of mini-golf (always enjoyable).

Tuesday we drove higher up in New Jersey. Saw Sicko Tuesday night. Pretty good; I think M. Moore actually dialed it back a bit this time. He is still as appealingly cheap as ever with his gimmickry, but maybe it will make some people think, if they go see it.

[Sicko official site]
[Metacritic Sicko]

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