Tuesday, June 12, 2007

rockmusic people are all over the anti Bush comedy central cartoon

EXPRESS: What kind of contributions can we expect from some of the guest musicians that you have coming up?
» CARY: I can quickly walk you through. We have a number of people who are doing the show. Dave Grohl and Anthony Kiedis are all playing themselves in an episode that's a Lil' Live Earth concert where our little gang sort of infiltrates the Live Earth show and takes it over to convince everyone that global warming's awesome.

Frank Black from The Pixies is doing voice of Satan in an episode where Lil' Cheney has a heart attack and goes to hell and then bugs Satan so much that Satan has to kick him out of hell.

Jeff Tweedy from Wilco is doing a voice. He's doing the voice of God — or as Lil' Bush calls him, "Goddy" — and tries to help Lil' Bush understand evolution. Henry Rollins did a voice for us where he's playing an Iraq War veteran who gets stuck in Walter Reed and the kids come in and try to fix the place up and annoy him.

And Colin Meloy from The Decemberists is doing a voice where Jeb Bush — who is played fairly dumb in this — he gets hit in the head and becomes smart. His smart voice is going to be by Colin Meloy. And then the weirdest one, we're about 90 percent closed on, is it looks like Boy George is going to do the voice of Tony Blair. He and Lil' George have a special friendship — not gay, exactly, but they do a duet about being buddies....

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