Tuesday, June 12, 2007

crime show news:
Jack McCoy gets a ‘Law & Order’ promotion - TV DRAMA - MSNBC.com


Wolf, by the way, is still searching for an actor to play the assistant district attorney role on “Law & Order” since moving Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy to DA.

Sources tell me a deal was almost cut with “West Wing” actor Bradley Whitford, who’s free now that “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” has been buried at sea. But the Wolf budget may not be big enough for the L.A.-based star.

Veronica Mars seems to be almost definitely done, despite candy bar protests.
Seems to be a bit complicated:
Why Snickers Almond Bars you ask? Mars (the company) stopped making U.S. Mars Bars a few years ago and later changed its name to Snickers Almond. So because we've bought out all the available Mars Bars in the U.S.A., we switched to Snickers Almond.

Apparently VM might become a comic book.

I thought this was an OK idea a few months ago. I think that it would have been a smoother transition to comic land had this last "at college" season never happened on TV. That way the characters could continue in college indefinitely, and it would kind of be ok. I'm not that excited by the college setting/characters to really follow three more years of VM in college via comics.

I watched the first two seasons on DVD just this past year, and I think that's the way to appreciate this show. I've watched some of the current season, but the season long arc was abandoned and the college setting/character transitions seemed to weaken the show, although it has still been enjoyable enough. I'm not sure the fast forward thing was ever really going to happen, as the seemingly necessary loss of the Dad character would seem to mess up one of the primary things the show had going for it.

I suppose my question now regarding Veronica Mars on TV is: What exactly was Rob Thomas planning for when he set the show up with high school juniors? A two year show, if that? They didn't try and stretch out high school over more than two seasons... Probably, he didn't expect the show to be around in three years, I guess. What show has really done a good transition to college/adulthood?


Anonymous said...

uh, buffy.

blucarbnpinwheel said...

Yes, but that show had vampires and stuff.