Sunday, June 17, 2007

Apples in Stereo
Dragons of Zynth
photos via AMG2000 Flickr

Yesterday we went to our first Summerstage show of the summer.

I showed up early for Dragons of Zynth and a good section of the bleachers.

They had an interesting enough show but the songs weren't really so instantly memorable.

Apples in Stereo played second, and I was pretty happy to see them. The sound wasn't quite right during parts of the performance, but the new batch of songs are really solid and enjoyable. It started raining a couple of songs in, but we stayed with our good seats, despite the risk of electrocution.

Television played next, but without Richard Lloyd. We didn't stay, as we were wet and and part of our group had other places to be. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

The Apples rocked!!!

bcpl said...

succinct and accurate comment.