Monday, May 28, 2007

Today we saw the Flaming Lips documentary, Fearless Freaks, on free ondemand cable.

The film serves its main purpose in showing the transformations undertaken by the Flaming Lips over the years, from guitar scratchers to makers of smooth eulogyrock. Wayne Coyne is pretty much the constant in the Flaming Lips, and as such, the movie is perhaps a bit too enamored with its main subject. The narrative arc is somewhat lacking, as it has a lot of disparate footage kind of cobbled into a depiction of the rise of Coyne/band to Yoshimi era, but the overall story of the band hasn't really been settled.

IMDB page

There are some other good/interesting free Sundance ondemand music documentaries right now, including New York Doll and Gimme Shelter.

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