Thursday, May 03, 2007

The New York Times on the disappearing book review from the newspaper

and George Saunders responds via this "memo"

From: The League of Fascists, Bullies, Oppressors, and Dopes (LFBOD)
To: The Membership

Dudes (and Emily):

Great news! Several major newspapers have radically reduced their books coverage! As we discussed at our little confab last month, this is super news in terms of our overall Yearly Goal #3, "Dumbing Down the Populace So That, Like a Stunned Goose, They May Be Plucked." As you will remember, we concluded that one of the most effective ways of hamstringing/eroding democracy is to render the populace less articulate, which in turn reduces the citizen's ability to express himself or herself in words, which in turn makes the citizenry more inclined to think in big vague generalities, as well as making them more anxious and aggressive. Which is when we sweep in!

(follow the link for the whole thing)

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