Sunday, April 01, 2007

Right after getting an email including the query of "Is Sufjan Stevens Presbyterian?... I had the sense that s.s. is something more evangelical and bornagainish midwesty than presbyterian..." I came across this article.

Kind of related but doesn't really settle the issue. I have a feeling that I read somewhere that SS was actually Episcopalian, but that is perhaps not true.

The email continued: "so T.'s idea is that we go to a different brooklyn presbyterian church every sunday and shout "SUFJAN!" ...and see who turns around. This was T.'s plan--and while faulty (everyone would turn around), he gets points for a coming up with a fun game idea, and for knowing I'm the right audience for such a plan. "

I looked at the (footnoted) Wikipedia page and came up with this:
Many of Stevens's songs have religious and spiritual allusions. He is a Christian and attends a church that he describes as "a kind of Anglo-Catholic church"[21], but he has stated that he does not try to make music for the sake of preaching. "I don't think music media is the real forum for theological discussions," says Stevens. "I think I've said things and sung about things that probably weren't appropriate for this kind of forum. And I just feel like it's not my work or my place to be making claims and statements, because I often think it's misunderstood."[22]

Anglo-Catholic sounds like Episcopalian to me. Good hedging, SS. And Happy Palm Sunday/April Fools Day to everyone.

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