Saturday, April 28, 2007

The NY Times profiles Michael Chabon and his new novel

Mr. Chabon wrote a 600-page draft in the first person that he ended up trashing after a year. It had the same characters — Landsman; his ex-wife, Bina Gelbfish, also a policeman; and his cousin and partner, a half-Indian, half-Jew named Berko Shemets — but a completely different story. He feels as if “Policemen’s Union” is its sequel, he says.
and, The NYT on Bjork.
There are mp3 interview clips, too.

Bjork has three New York City shows scheduled: Wednesday at Radio City Music Hall, Saturday at the United Palace Theater and next Tuesday at the Apollo Theater. She will probably be the only headliner ever to perform at those places backed by a 10-woman Icelandic brass band along with laptop, keyboards and a rhythm section.

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