Sunday, April 15, 2007

Information on the new issue of Esopus is online.
The CD topic is "spam". You can check Esopus's clip of the week to find out what Frida Hyvonen decided to sing about.

Here's a blog interview with Jon Scieszka:
One of my favorite letters I ever got was from a kid who said he had to write to his favorite author but Roald Dahl was dead, so he was going to write to me. I thought, "That's kind of nice, I at least get to be second best to Roald Dahl."

Secretly Canadian news.
A cover of Jens Lekman's Black Cab that (if you like JLekman), you almost certainly don't want to hear.
Information about the Danileson movie, now on DVD.

This NY Times article confirms my thought that Feist's album may be a hit.

Information on an indiecraft movie.

via BCR, PBS thing with Chris Ware

Why Dylan Hears A Who is no longer online (Salon, so maybe you have to watch an ad)

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