Sunday, April 08, 2007

I was looking for more about the Question this morning.

Of course, it turns out that 1) the Question is dead and 2) there is a website in his honor. Twisting the two inevitables together is the fact that the Question website was launched three days after his death, in a case of poor timing.

Anyway, this site is pretty terrific because it includes:
It doesn't seem like there is any trade paperback collection of Question stuff out there, which is sad, because that would be easier to pick up than a lof of old comics.


Gerry Canavan said...

The Question died, but there's a new Question now, a woman.

blucarbnpinwheel said...

That name seemed familiar...and it is, from Batman: the Animated Series!


It looks like the 52 thing is winding down (or over) and will be out in a few parts as trade paperbacks in the next few months.

Eric said...

Thanks for linking to our site!