Sunday, April 01, 2007

Here's an interview with Maggie Frost, album art designer for Merge Records. Includes discussion of graphic design in digital age, and making band names legible when the cd covers shown are really really small.

Here's an interview
with Robyn Hitchcock.

Q You've worked with Peter Buck and Gillian Welch, even John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin. Who have you not worked with that you'd like to work with?

A Brian Eno. I first saw him in 1967, when he came to my school. People like him would come in with their blue sunglasses and blow up helium balloons , and we'd write messages on them and send them into the sky. I'm sure he's incredibly expensive, but he's somebody I would love to work with.

Here's a NY Times review of one of the RH shows from this past week. Somehow I managed to miss 2 RH shows and messed up the taping of the RH tv thing.

NPR has a Ted Leo show for download and/or streaming.

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