Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Get Him Eat Him is putting a tour EP up for download for a week or so for the next few weeks.

Bill Callahan (Smog) Sycamore Mp3

A bunch of those J Lethem songs have been recorded and can be listened to here
The village voice is sort of hyping one here

Here's an interview with Lethem

Here's a Daniel Handler interview done by kidsday. I think it must be a reprint from quite a while ago.

Here is my sad kidsday story.

In fifth grade, my class was selected to be a kidsday class by newsday. There was certainly some degree of nepotism involved...I am sure that someone's parent worked at newsday in some important capacity.

Anyway, there was some discussion about "bad manners" printed on the Sunday when our class's turn came. I got in a "quote" about how it was disgusting that one of my brother's friends would spit all over the driveway when he came over to play basketball. It wasn't really a quote and it wasn't really a discussion. We were given a writing prompt and fifteen minutes and this was then edited into a discussion.

I also got a joke published. It wasn't original. I'd read it in some joke book. It was the one about the hat, the scarf and "hang around for awhile".

I wasn't selected for anything important. I wasn't selected to interview the NY Mets. This was somewhat crushing at the time. As I think one of my three tshirts that had writing on it had the Mets on it. And I'd lobbied hard for one of those satiny Mets jackets for a few years ago. I was angling for some sports journalism career at the time. I'd practiced in pretend second grade news reports that we would put on for the class. I guess the writing should have been on the wall when I didn't get to be the sports reporter in the fourth grade play. (I really wanted those 2 lines...they were better than the two lines I ended up getting.)

Anyway, I think the lucky kids who were selected got to interview Bret Saberhagen. I think this was the year that he got in trouble for throwing firecrackers. But they didn't grill him on that.

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