Sunday, February 11, 2007

a bunch of stuff

soccer news:

Rapidman might live on after all.

These articles mention Colorado Rapids' "partnership" with Arsenal. The name Rapids hasn't disappeared yet. Considering the team announced new colors and has put pictures of new uniforms on their website, it would seem pretty silly to rename the team now. Of course, the URL points to what is now the Rapids who knows.


Here's the New York Review of Books on the last H. Murakami story collection. (via BCR) Amazon is taking preorders for his new novel (via largehearted)

J. Patrick Lewis reviews Jack Prelutsky in the NY Times

The SU paper covers George Saunders, making note of his genius status.

Michael Chabon answers readers' questions in the NY Times magazine


How Law and Order rips off the headlines


Here's an article on Yo La Tengo; I wish they would come play a local show. There was just a Jersey City show last fall...

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