Wednesday, February 07, 2007

some more recent reading:

The Accidental
by Ali Smith

English family goes on holiday; a stranger shows up at the holiday house and all their secrets unravel and maybe unburden them.

Saint Iggy

by K.L. Going (YA)

Set in fantasy New York City, white "public housing" high school expulsion victim tries to formulate a plan for redemption while his rich law school dropout friend tries to escape his well-meaning, wealthy mother and a bad drug deal.

The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl
by Barry Lyga (YA)

Comic reading and writing kid kind of hates everyone and everything except for his heroes who will inevitably fail to live up to his imagination. The predictable wrinkle is the title girl.

by Penni Russon (YA)

I dislike magic books.

Justice League Adventures (graphic novel)

Like the tv series. Quick and nice.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
by Dito Montiel

Adapted in that Robert Downey Jr movie, kind of has the same heart but a lot more younger adult stuff about being in a band and modeling and meeting famous people. I think it's for the best that this other stuff didn't make it into the movie.

The Yellow Jar ( graphic novel)
Patrick Atangan

Adaptation of Japanese folk tales. Recent and praised, but seems old and boring to me. Not much young kid appeal, I'd imagine.

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