Sunday, January 21, 2007

Recent Reading:

'Another Bull**** Night . . .'
by Nick Flynn

A memoir centered on a man's interaction with his father at a homeless shelter. The father is a homeless alcoholic; the son, an alcoholic who works at the shelter. The father a pretend author, his son the means by which his story becomes a book.

Here's the NY Times Review, which reads kind of like a book report rather than a review. Lots of summary.

Flynn's site suggests that this is becoming a movie at some point.

All Hallows Eve
by Vivian Vande Velde

I was trying to find some scary kid stuff. I read this collection, which is probably a little more YA. I guess kids would like it, but I wasn't that into it.

Buzzboy: Trouble in Paradise
by John Gallagher

A sortof funny graphic novel. Seems kind of limited in appeal to people familiar with comic conventions and 90s popculture. And even then it wasn't overwhelming in greatness. Diversionary.

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