Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Neil Gaiman put up some photos from the Coraline movie. These trees look pretty nice.

New York Observer reviews some new anthology of writers writing about money, and mentions some Daniel Handler/Snicket content:
"Then comes Daniel Handler, snorting magnificently at Manhattanite guilt: “My wife and I have lived in crummy apartments, and we could do it again if we had to. But we don’t have to. We don’t have to, and we are happier, no doubt about it, for not having to.” Happy Mr. Handler wrote the mega-blockbuster A Series of Unfortunate Events under the pen name Lemony Snicket. Now, he has an assistant who fetches his dry cleaning; now, when he earns $1,200 writing an essay on money, he spends it all on a single bottle of wine, which he shares with his poorest pals.
His delight in his good luck would be riotously irritating (like Ms. Rose) if he weren’t so riotously funny about the plunder (like Mr. Alford). Handler/Snicket writes like a 6-year-old who’s learned to fly and is joyfully telling his best friends what the blue skies are like, adding a drop of humility for their sake."

There's a new Dacapo anthology of people writing about concert experiences. Looks interesting.

Check your carbon footprint. I heard about this on John Green's vlog.

A new Art Brut album can be expected for 2007. ""I've been joking with people about writing My Little Sister for a while, but I've actually gone and written it now. I see her and she's having loads of fun and I'm just jealous of her and of being 16." Other Guardian bits on "music to watch" here, with a quite big Shins bit.

Here's an MP3 from new Matador band Love of Diamonds : No Way Out

Mo Willems has been keeping his blog up to date.

There's some kind of big tour in the UK including Adem, Juana Molina, Vashti Bunyan and Vetiver. Audio player thing here. I think they're all playing one of David Byrne's Carnegie nights. Pretty expensive, but I've been thinking about going.

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