Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here's the NY Times on protest/war music. Hopefully Colin Meloy isn't too sad that the Decemberists, his "wartime band" aren't mentioned.

There's a Talib Kweli album for free download.

Here's the Village Voice on Bishop Allen's ep a month attempt. Still waiting on November and December.

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rd said...

A few years ago I heard a Bishop Allen segment on npr...Scott Simon was in love with them--they sounded young and smart and fun...I liked the catchiness and cleverness of their songs--and that they seemed to love each other and be having fun. I sent terry a note directed his attention to them--and saying that their smartness/cleverness & pick-up-and-go-ness & fun made me think of thee iran contras...and I worried that maybe they'd stolen from the contras...and I hoped this didn't bump thee iran contras out of future fame.

I had to dig for terry's reply, but found it:

alright, newsday did a piece on them and how they're the next indie supergroup so i checked them out a bit.
williamsburg crowd:
years ago this was a big deal of a place and all the hipsters rocked their little asses out in its streets. but, this was years ago. the newsday article was right, they pieced together the band from various other indie bands (mostly built to spill and modest mouse, some belle and sebastian).
difference [between newsday's review and terry] being that newsday likes that.
it stands that they are nothing new and have taken nothing from the contras---catchy as hell though.

i think the contras would knock out their teeth if they ever smiled at us the way they do in all their photos.

haha I think of that last line every time I hear talk of bishop allen.