Thursday, December 07, 2006

Surprisingly, I've been a productive recreational reader over the past couple of weeks.

I was a rat! by Philip Pullman
Spoiler: the twist on cinderella makes it ok to me; otherwise I still don't like PP.

Autobiography of a family photo by Jacqueline Woodson
Not a kids book, and kind of MFAstudentesque, but a vividsad fictional? memoirfeel. Reminds of Here they come. (which of course is way more recent.)

An abundance of Katherines
by John Green
Mathnerd goes on roadtrip, tries to establish relationship theorem. Much more annoying than alaska, but still pretty good.

Sold by Patricia McCormick
A terrible account of child prostitution in Nepal, made the worse for readers who know what's going to happen before the protagonist does.

The Schwa was here by Neil Schusterman
Functionally invisible boy tries to leave his mark.

Wide Awake by David Levithan
Angry/utopian/political boy meets boy to exponential degree.

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing by M.T. Anderson
Understandably award getting, historical fiction/fantasy?, I think the best MTA I've read.

Runaways 5, Escape to New York by Brian K Vaughan
I've read volumes 1 through 5, seems to be losing steam.


rd said...

I feel kind of angry that you read an abundance of katharines before I got around to it...angry's the basic root word-thought, but not the right word. ...what is it. it's like defensive! it makes me feel professionally on edge... like I want to steal all of your books form you. and break into your nypl account and cancel all of your requests. and also rack up your fines, so they'll never lend you a book again. Like I want to foil your plans of taking over the reading world--it's kind of villainous, like I want to become the supervillain who reads more than you do...and rules the world.
What's with all the YA reading anyway?
Is this the awful dream I had where you become my school's favorite librarian, and the Middle Schoolers love you, and hate me, and rumors spread around the school that I was a big faker from the start, and I get fired, coming to fruition?

as for runaways and steam...I've had a hard time even getting through vol.2...I don't think graphic novels are designed to take 5 weeks to read...I should be embarrassed about that. I feel like I felt in 4th grade reading the island of the blue dolphins and hating it, and closing it after reading two pages, and telling my parents I was done with my homework--I open runaways vol. 2 and read three panes--3 PANES! of a COMIC!--and think "ah, well that's it for today..."

as for runaways, a cute-note: the student who's had vol.1 since september, slipped it back onto the shelf without telling me, on fiday--I think he was getting nervous, when I kept reminding him to bring it back, that there were consequences for extreme lateness. ..When I saw it back on the shelf, I was surprised--and then I got this thrill that he had figured out where to put it! (no minor feat, since I have no signs up. haa.)

blucarbnpinwheel said...

Working across the street from a branch of BPL is making the reading fairly easy.